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About Us

Welcome to Hue Dental Laboratory

HUE dental laboratory is newly established with excellent reputation for high quality, efficient and reliable service. We are a full service dental laboratory that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including implants.

Our Team

The HUE team is multinational and multi talented. all dental technicians must pass both the internal HUE Associate Test' and UAE HUE operates a full service dental laboratory. As a practitioner you can be confident that we can meet all your dental requirements. We work within interna- tionally acknowledged ``best practice`` guidelines. Long term effective use of proven methodologies and superior equipment ensures consistently strong results. Among our key pieces of equipment are the latest Ceramill CAD-CAM system from AmannGirrbach

Our Mission

A full service staff is on hand to answer any questions regarding individual cases at HUE. Every step of the dental procedure is carefully monitored and recorded.

To show our support for high standards, HUE offers a 5-year warranty on all crowns, bridge work, veneers, inlays and prosthetic work.

We are passionate about providing excellent service. Clients are assured that their rights to 'due care and conduct' are rigorously maintained for the duration of their treatment. We ensures all communications and records between a client, doctor and HUE are confidential, Lab ensures a consistently high quality output. We cover the full range of aesthetic work including veneers, crown and bridges. We also take great pride in our aesthetic wax-up and dental shading techniques. Metal frameworks are created using the latest CAD CAM technology. With AmannGirrbach metal blank, Our scope includes frameworks and crowns in zirconium and metal. In addition, we also undertake waxing of Empress and Emax models.

Our Work

The plaster team creates all kinds of plaster models with highly mechanized and methodical fashion. Plaster elements are carefully controlled and measured to ensure every model demonstrates the right expansion levels and hardness. Our logistics department consists of a dedicated and friendly team of drivers, coordinators controllers who oversee the smooth running of every department’s logistical requirements. Veneers lead the way in aesthetic dentistry. The porcelain is handcrafted to provide a fantastic, confident smile every time. Our specialist HUE technicians use only the finest material and technology available to achieve an amazing natural look that is both functional and durable. We believe that the best results are always obtained through close consultation with the Doctor and patient alike. That is why we pride ourselves on our customized shading service.Two visits to the laboratory are recommended to achieve the initial shading and then to customize the final staining.

Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry

Our plaster team created all kinds of plaster models , working in a highly methodical fashion using a high quality dental grade plaster.


Our IPS ceramic e.max veneers are the most popular veneer. They are extremely esthetic and versatile. we fabricate our veneers in 7 days or less

Full Gold Crown

Gold is a superior dental alloy utilized for various types of indirect restorations : porcelain fused to gold crowns and bridges .


A Implant Dental laboratory constantly seeks out products and services that match the needs and preferences of our customers.


 Mouthguards, also called mouth protectors, help cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth ..

Pressed e-max

 IPS e.max Press is used to produce single-tooth restorations, bridges for the anterior and premolar region, inlays, onlay

Premium PFM

PFM crowns have been tried and tested for decades and offer strength, reliability, aesthetics, and good marginal fit.

Crowns and Bridges

A bridge is used to hide a gap in your mouth, for example a missing tooth. The teeth either side of the gap are crowned .


Zirconia is very strong, tooth coloured and light weight with fantastic biocompatability. The ceramic can be sintered directly 

Our Dental Lab Team

Professional and highly trained


Professional Dentists


Brighter Smiles




Cavities Fixed

Our Clients

Smiles to be proud of

Make your dream smile a reality!

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